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Here at Zura, we’re on a mission to bring wellness to our world in a big way.

Whether you are an aspiring Health Coach,

Wellness Professional or Wellness Warrior

- we’ve got you covered.

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Welcome to the Journey Back Home


You know that health is holistic - that the state of one’s inner world, is just as important as the state of their outer world. You’re excited to help people heal from the inside out.


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Picture this:

You dream of coaching clients with confidence and bearing witness to them transforming, expanding and bringing their goals to life.

You crave freedom, flexibility and a work-life balance. You know you can build an abundant income doing something you love, but need support and guidance to make it your reality.

You’re ready to take action and do an accredited health coaching course that not only excites and inspires you, but gifts you all the skills and confidence you need to change lives and run your own successful business.


Hi, We’re Kylie & Jessica

And we're here to provide you with the tools, education, and support you need to become the well-equipped hero of your own wellness story and business.


We built Zura for women who want to help others achieve significant and sustainable improvements to their health and wellbeing, create a successful and profitable business, and be supported by a community of like minded peers and knowledgeable teachers.



Taking small, simple steps inevitably leads to a cascade of great, big change.


Slapping a Band-Aid over your symptoms is easy, but uncovering the root cause allows for sustainable change. 


Your body already knows what it needs – all you have to do is learn how to listen.

All you really need is a little guidance along the way.

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Our Core Principles



Courage and Empowerment

At a certain point in every journey, you realize you have a choice: you can numb, repress, and ignore the messages your body & heart are sending you and continue on as you always have – or you can choose courage and begin writing a brand new story, empowering yourself to heal on the most foundational level.


Community and Program

We created our certification program and wellness offerings because we believe no one should have to walk this brave path alone. It's a community, a learning platform, and an all-in-one coaching roadmap designed specifically for you.

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Holistic Journey through Wellness

If you're ready to help yourself and others untangle the root cause of their physical and emotional symptoms, build a rock-solid foundation for healing on every level, and create massive shifts in their lives we'd love to invite you to join our Certification Program or our other wellness programs.


Ready to get started?


We believe We’re Better, Together


We’re bringing you some of the brightest minds and biggest hearts to join you along the way.




What Our Community is Saying

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