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Empowering People with better

health so they can truly live.


You’ve Got The Power To Become
The Hero Of Your Own Health Journey

(Or in the words of our favorite 90s hip-hop star, "I’ve got the power!") 

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We cover the knowledge. You do the living.

In Sanskrit, “Zura” means hero. Heroine. Pioneer. That's what you are, after all: the driver of your own chariot. The author of your own story. The crazy courageous adventurer trekking your way through the wild terrain of this journey we call life.

Destination: your most openhearted, most healed, most whole self.

Here's what we know: Healing happens one small shift at a time, but you've gotta have the guidance you need to make the right shifts in the first place. Sometimes that means making food and health a priority, or having the damn hard conversations that’ve been weighing on your heart, or putting boundaries in place where they've never been before, or any number of things related to whatever it is that actually caused your symptoms to begin with.

Knowing which steps to take becomes easier when you stop putting Band-Aids over your symptoms and start digging deep for the root cause of it all. Because once you’re finally able to grab hold of the tools and education that allow you to untangle the root cause of your body’s disharmony and understand the why behind the choices you’re making today, you can pinpoint exactly where you need to pivot, upgrade, and make small shifts in directions that feel freakin’ good.

That’s the power of starting small. It's the small things that create major leverage and big strides over time, even if they seem easy in the moment.

We've seen it happen time and time again: When you sink deeply into your own power and take back the reins to your own health, bodies heal. Minds elevate. Moods lift. Lives shapeshift and transform in the most wild and wonderful ways.

So if it feels like your inner heroine is calling you home to wholeness, she is.

And thankfully, you don't have to walk this journey solo.

Zura Health is your home on the web for your own personal journey back to wholeness and a roadmap to becoming a wildly successful certified Health Coach. We’ve combined access to our specialized learning platform, guidance from our facilitators, and support from the realest community on the web into one hell of an online platform. Think of it as a roadmap, if you will, a step-by-step guide to helping yourself and others to healing on the very deepest level.

Are you ready to dive in & start making good stuff happen?

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Our Story

Hi, We’re Kylie & Jessica



And we believe that wholeness is the new wellness.

See, we've been there – not too far from the place you might find yourself now. We followed the script and checked off society’s boxes. We went to school, landed jobs, found partners, bought houses and raised children super cute dogs.

All that was great, of course – until it wasn't anymore.

Until we woke up one day feeling empty in the lives we thought would bring us joy and happiness, finding ourselves smack dab in the midst of divorce and heartache.

Until we found ourselves covered with eczema up to our necks, mysteriously losing our vision, and suffering from bouts of back pain so intense we could hardly walk. (That was fun… not!)


The medicine of empowerment

Until we realized we were living out of alignment with our own truths and disconnected from our own power and authority – and until we realized that no doctor, no pill, and no therapy session could truly heal our bodies or our lives.

It was then that we began to realize the importance of what we call wellness 2.0 – the medicine of empowerment.

Here's what we learned: We can't heal in the same environment that we got sick in, so it’s time to change our environment.  Fundamentals are fundamental for a reason – they’re the cornerstones of healing. Our bodies are always talking to us, whether we know how to tune into that radio station or not. Food is more than just calories; it’s information. Movement is life. And small shifts can create world-shaking change.

Once we began uncovering the root causes of our symptoms and taking small daily steps toward wellness, everything shifted. We began feeding our bodies the high vibrational foods they truly craved. We opened up to actually feel our emotional pain, letting ourselves sink deeply into the wisdom on the other side. We harnessed our inner bookworms, devouring over 200 books on health and healing.

And we began integrating this human experience

with facets of grounded spirituality, like mindfulness, stillness, breathwork, journaling, boundaries, and all that good kinda stuff.

As our habits transformed and our hearts tuned into the wisdom that had been waiting there for us all along, something wild began to happen. Slowly but surely, our bodies healed. Our hearts opened. And somewhere along the way, we looked back and realized we were well on our way to wholeness.

Today we’re certified health coaches who’ve worked with Fortune 500 companies and individuals alike, helping guide hundreds – even thousands – of people back toward their own authentic paths to wellness and wholeness. Our mission is simple: we believe no one should be without the tools, support, and education to make truly empowered choices that support a fulfilling, “heck yes” kind of life.

Joseph Campbell once wrote, “It is by going down into the abyss that we recover the treasures of life. Where you stumble, there lies your treasure." 

In the midst of your deepest, darkest abyss lies greater opportunity than you know – the opportunity to return to the truth of your original self, to choose a new path, to heal your past and to reclaim your future – if you choose to embrace it.

We did it. We are doing it. You can do it too, because you, my dear, are one rock star.


The only question is, are you ready to take the first step?

Kylie McBeath Zura Health

Kylie McBeath


Kylie is a Certified Health Coach, Emotional Expert, Co-Founder of Zura Health, Podcast Host, Speaker & Writer. I’m a multi-passionate, creative being and my life is guided by curiosity, openness and gratitude. Emotions are my jam and I love helping others step into their power, own their story and shine.

My mission is to empower women (and men) with the tools, support, wisdom, and resources they need to live happy, healthy and fulfilling lives.

After many years of deep soul-searching (and hard work!), Kylie co-created Zura Health  as her heart and soul passion project. Working with her co-founder (& twin sister) Jess, they wanted to create a space to empower everyone who was suffering from health issues, depression & loneliness with the support, community, education, and the tools they need to live healthier and happier lives. Ultimately, their mission is to raise the consciousness of the entire planet through a higher health & emotional IQ!

Jess McBeath Zura Health

Jessica McBeath


Jessica is a self-confessed lover of all things nutrition and lifestyle. Having navigated her own digestive health issues, she now focuses on providing all zuralites with the tools, knowledge, and support in creating their own nourishment practices, both body and home. She is a Functional Nutrition Lifestyle Practitioner and Certified Holistic Health Coach.

With a keen interest on women’s health, nutrition, hormones, skincare and gut:brain connection she is the yang to her twin sister, Kylies’ area of interest of mental and emotional wellness. Together, they have created and co-founded Zura Health, which provides an in-depth lifestyle program that covers the entirety (well, most of it ;))  of what it means to be well and thriving in today’s world. 

When she’s not creating or coaching for Zura Health, you will find her perusing the local farmers market, taking her pup Marvel for a walk, cooking up a feast in the kitchen or enjoying the great outdoors with her friends and family. 

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