Get The Wealth You Deserve By Changing Your Money Story

We all have belief systems around money that make up our relationship to it. Whether you like it or not, you ARE in a relationship with money, and how you choose to show up for Money is reflected by your financial situation.

Not fully stoked on where you are financially? Read on.

Cultivating a more positive money story takes work - similar to healing illness in the body, we first have to identify the root problem before dealing with it. Acknowledging our current stories and beliefs around money is the first step which can be found by simply asking yourself "What is my money story?". Once we have properly identified it, we are then able to work through the processes below to release the stories that aren't serving you and create new ones that fully support your vision for your life.

Rewriting your money story can actually be a really fun process and I encourage you to lighten up and bring a sense of curiosity to this process. As meaning-making machines, we literally have the power to reprogram our thinking. Amazing, huh?

Over the next few days, start paying attention to what you are thinking (aka, what thoughts arise) when you buy something, pay a bill, receive money, give money, ask for money etc. We tend to go in to autopilot throughout our every day lives so just begin to get curious and observe the thoughts and feelings that come up for you every time money is involved. 

How do I know if I have a money story?

Well, if you are a human over seven years of age chances are very high! Did you know that we spend the first seven years of our life like a sponge, literally absorbing everything that goes on around us? We learn how the people around us treat each other, speak to each other, how they behave and yes, of course how they treat money as well. So it comes at no surprise that the first place we need to look for our money story is in our childhood along with our mother and father/caregivers.

As children, we adopt other people’s stories about the world and money as a way to create an identity for ourselves. My mother always spoke negatively about wealthy people, calling the rich greedy and selfish. I remember her saying, "surely someone else must have lost money in order for them to accumulate it!" in a negative tone and for a long time this is naturally what I thought to be true as well.. Until I started to question my thinking and asking the question, "is this actually true?"

"Do I have proof?"

 "Are the wealthy people I've met and spent time with like that?" Turns out I met some really, really nice and generous wealthy people.

It’s not the money that is good or bad, it’s what we do with it. I encourage you to ponder the above questions in regards to your own beliefs around money, which can be a confronting process. Instead of turning toward blame or anger that these beliefs have caused you a lifetime of money struggle or at the least a less than loving relationship with money, approach gently with an inquisitive wonder that you now know you can change the story, you can rewrite the pages and move forward with a new perspective.

Exposing your current money story

Take a time travel expedition inward. This can become confronting and emotional but stick with it - real transformation is worth digging deep and uncovering the beliefs that are holding you back from living your fullest, biggest, richest life.  I am inviting you to grab a journal and take a humble and curious look at what is going on for you here, free of judgement and ego. Below are some questions to get you started...

+ Money is ________________

+ Wealthy people are _________________

+ Earning money is __________________

+ What thoughts come up when you are paying bills?

+ What did your mother teach you about money? (verbally or by living example)

+ What did your father teach you about money? (verbally or by living example)

+ Are any of your family members wealthy? If yes, how do you think about them?

After your journalling exercise, speak in your mind (or out loud!) "Hi there money story, I see you." Acknowledgment is power. We're not running away from the hard stuff.

Repeat after me: "Thank you for showing up, I see you now. Thank you for protecting me all these years but what you are saying is no longer by absolute truth, it was someone else’s all along. I am now releasing you and make space for a new and more accurate money story that is serving me and my desires".

Whenever we are reprogramming any of our thoughts and mindset it is important to know that we can not just ‘delete a file’ but we need to replace it with an up dated version.


Time to write a new story...


I don’t care if you want to be rich or just have enough to live simply. I don’t care if you like the concept of money or not. I don’t care if you charge for your services or not. What I do care about is that it’s YOUR truth and not someone else’s.

On a new page of your journal start writing your truth in the form of an affirmative statement. It is crucial to write in present tense, it’s already happening. Here are a couple of examples that you can feel out and add to:

“I see money for what it is, energy, not good and not bad just a current that is flowing in and out of my life with ease. Money comes to me easily and in abundance, I know there is always more where it came from. I am supported and live in abundance".

"Money allows me to do good and have a positive impact in the live of others and my own, I am sharing it generously. Money allows me to create _______________ for myself and for others.”

 Please choose your own words that feel good to you otherwise this will not work.

To have this new belief really sink in and become your new normal, I suggest you are reading your new statement at least once a day before bed time until it becomes your new default. Pay attention to your thoughts, if negativity, fear or scarcity comes up... stop and remind yourself of your new story.

Happy programming!


This post was contributed by a guest author and edited by The Zura Health team.

Written by Sabrina Weber.

Website → Find her on Instagram → @hello_freedom_lifestyle

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