Our New Canadian Best Friend - Natura Market!

We are foodies. And like any good foodies, we have our favorite brands that we LOVE, and can’t live without. Moving to Vancouver from Las Vegas was a big JUMP. Not only did I go from a desert to a rain forest — but I entered into a whole different list of food brands and products. It has been so much fun trying new brands and exploring some of my new favorite eats in my new backyard…

But, if I’m being 100% honest I still really wanted my Siete Almond flour Tortillas, Simple Mills Crackers, Cauliflower Pizza Crust, Hu Chocolate bars and all my fav. snacks. Ya know what I mean?

Every time I drove through the border coming from Bellingham, I would stock up on BAGS of Siete chips, my fav. salsas, chocolate, and goodies. That is until I found — NATURA Market. An online market that ships all of my favorite American products to Canada.

I legit spent 2 hours on the website when I first found it — skimming through pages of high-quality products, and all of my fav. brands.

So, for all of my fellow Canadian Friends here is a list of my fav. products from Natura Market:

  • Siete Chips & Tortillas — Everything IS DA BOMB (Nacho Chips, Almond Flour Tortillas)

  • Hu Chocolate (cashew butter)

  • Jillz Crackers

  • Simple Mills Everything (rosemary crackers, almond flour pizza crust, etc.) — can’t go wrong

  • Cauliflower Pizza Crust

  • Eating Evolved Chocolate

  • Nut Pods Coffee Creamer (Pumpkin Spice for days. Yes, I am that girl right now)

  • Milkadamia Vanilla Macadamia Nut Milk

  • Primal Foods Dressing (Honey Mustard)

  • Artisana (best cashew butter on the planet folks)

  • Wildway Banana Nut Granola (seriously, so good).

  • Yai’s Thai Almond Sauce

  • The New Primal Buffalo Sauce

You can get all of these online at Natura Market — plus free shipping over $49 (which is super easy to do — ahhh). Let us know what your favorite finds are!

Yours in snacking heaven,