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Zura Coaches

You're Soooo Ready.

You're ready for some major healin’ – inside & out, emotionally, physically, mentally, & everywhere in between. You wanna go from feeling drained and worn down to feeling filled to the brim, marching to the beat of your own drum with as much energy and stamina as the Energizer Bunny.

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You're ready to take the small but potent steps

that are necessary to *finally* hit the sweet spot in your life – you know, that “HECK YES!” place where you feel empowered, emboldened, healthy & whole – where the things that once felt hard melt into pure ease, and where the confusion & cloudiness that once enveloped you give way to clarity, a clear plan of action + the knowing that you're taking steps, leaps, and bounds in the direction of your destiny. 

Oooooh yeah babe, you're ready – but you could use some major direction, support, & compassionate guidance along the way.

That's where our platform + programs shine high above the rest.

At Zura Health, you get more than just the empowered information & in-depth wellness roadmap contained in our online platform; you also get live coaching support from our rockstar Zura Health coaches.

Because after years of experiencing the tremendous power and transformation that our own coaches have helped us unlock, we’re more convinced than ever that when it comes to creating the feel-good, total mind/body/spirit makeover you crave, having the right person by your side to coach, guide, & support you is THE GOLDEN TICKET to achieving the shifts in your health + well-being that you desire.

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Here's what we believe:

Until you’re able to untangle the root cause, you'll just be covering a wound with a temporary Band-Aid, so to speak. Our coaches are trained to help you get to the bottom of whatever's lodged in between you and the high functioning, fine-tuned vessel you were born to have, so you can finally get to the root of your own healing once and for all.

It's time to throw out the cookie-cutter approaches to healing & tune into your own body's truest recipe, because everyone’s crazy unique and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to health, healing, and wholeness. Let us help you hone in on the steps that are just right for your own one-of-a-kind body, mind + spirit.


Everything is interconnected: your body, mind, relationship habits, spiritual life, all of it – and you can't truly heal until you have the guidance + support to take a hard, unbiased look at every single piece of the puzzle that is YOU.

Knowledge is empowerment, and the more knowledge you gain, the more empowered you’ll become to make the choices and take the actions that will lead you in the direction of big, bold, sweeping change, inside & out.

And progress? Progress is waaay more important than perfection. In fact, we're gonna go so far as to say that perfection doesn't exist. Embarking on the road toward wholeness is all about meeting yourself where you're at, taking small, doable steps one day at a time, and doing your best moment by moment. As long as you're taking action in the right direction, you're making progress – and progress is everything.

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None of these things are super easy to do when you're working with a party of one. So… are you ready to jump into the fast lane toward wholeness and healing?


Meet Your Zura Health Coaches

(A.K.A. Compassionate Wellness Warriors Of Love)


Caroline Rotenburg

While living in Amsterdam, Caroline first found her yoga practice and very soon after that began experimenting with food as a way to heal herself. Inspired by her own journey, she enrolled in and was certified by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition as a health coach. 

It was two years ago, during a relationship, that she was introduced to awareness, personal growth and spiritual practices which inspired the start of her own journey home to her truest and most aligned self. The relationship didn't last (they are now dear friends), but her passion and love for this work did. She completed her 200 hr YTT at Island Yoga in Aruba with Rachel Brathen and has most recently gone through the Atlas Project's training in San Francisco. 

Caroline is the founder of Wild(h)er, a coaching company that supports and guides women's journeys back to their most authentic, powerful selves and lives. She is privileged to do this work for Zura Health. 

Now a Colorado resident, when not coaching Caroline can be found in the mountains, playing with her pup Finn, or cooking! 

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Emily Hassett

Emily is obsessed with the alchemy of emotion and ruthlessly devoted to supporting women on their journey to embodied vitality.

She guides wanderers back home to themselves as a Zura Health program facilitator, through 1:1 clarity coaching, supporting retreats and teaching yoga with an emphasis on bringing PLAY to the table. When she's not sipping cacao in the sun or being extra human, Emily studies various modalities of psychotherapy through relentless devotion to unraveling the mystery of the human soul.

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Jessica McBeath

Jessica is a self-confessed lover of all things nutrition and lifestyle. Having navigated her own digestive health issues, she now focuses on providing all zuralites with the tools, knowledge, and support in creating their own nourishment practices, both body and home. She is a Functional Nutrition Lifestyle Practitioner and Certified Holistic Health Coach.

With a keen interest on women’s health, nutrition, hormones, skincare and gut:brain connection she is the yin to her twin sister, Kylies’ area of interest of mental and emotional wellness. Together, they have created and co-founded Zura Health, which provides an in-depth lifestyle program that covers the entirety (well, most of it ;))  of what it means to be well and thriving in today’s world. 

When she’s not creating or coaching for Zura Health, you will find her perusing the local farmers market, taking her pup Marvel for a walk, cooking up a feast in the kitchen or enjoying the great outdoors with her friends and family. 

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Kylie McBeath

Kylie is a Certified Health Coach, Emotional Expert, Co-Founder of Zura Health, Podcast Host, Speaker & Writer. I’m a multi-passionate, creative being and my life is guided by curiosity, openness and gratitude. Emotions are my jam and I love helping others step into their power, own their story and shine.

My mission is to empower women (and men) with the tools, support, wisdom, and resources they need to live happy, healthy and fulfilling lives.

After many years of deep soul-searching (and hard work!), Kylie co-created Zura Health as her heart and soul passion project. Working with her co-founder (& twin sister) Jess, they wanted to create a space to empower everyone who was suffering from health issues, depression & loneliness with the support, community, education, and the tools they need to live healthier and happier lives. Ultimately, their mission is to raise the consciousness of the entire planet through a higher health & emotional IQ!

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