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It’s your mission in life to equip people with the resources and tools that they need in order to live a life that feels really good and move from surviving to thriving.

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You crave freedom, flexibility and work-life balance. You know you can build an abundant income doing something you love, but need support and guidance In making it your reality.



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The Zura Health Coach Certification Program is for you if:

  1. Are deeply passionate about helping others achieve long lasting health, happiness and wholeness

  2. Understand that health is holistic and believe in the power of combining Western Medicine and proven alternative practices

  3. Are ready to make an abundant and profitable living from being a successful Health Coach

  4. Are new to health coaching OR have already done a health coaching course but graduated feeling unprepared to be a successful Health Coach and business woman

  5. Don’t want to be a ‘cookie cutter’ coach but rather, want to embrace your individual strengths and passions and create a unique brand and business

  6. Thrive off of being a part of a community and learning from and supporting your peers to grow and succeed

  7. Are prepared to do the internal work you need to do to be a successful coach. You understand that doing this work is an imperative step in the coaching journey, and one that must be undertaken before you can fully show up and support others

  8. Are committed, passionate and ready to change lives

  9. Want to learn from and build relationships with mentors who are the best in the business. 

  Zura health coaching certification


—Everything is interconnected—




—Healing isn’t linear—

— We’re better together —

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Meet the Zura Health Certification Curriculum

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2019 Course schedule

Spring, 2019

Zura Health Core Foundations (9 Credits)*

Duration: 12 weeks

This is the first course required to begin the Zura Health Coaching Certification program. In this course we cover the core foundational principles of our Zura Health methodology and introduce the tools, supporting materials, and framework that allows for building a successful coaching career.

Zura Health Nutritional Theories (6 credits)*

Duration: 8 weeks

This course introduces you to the world of nutritional theories and how they apply to overall health and vitality. You will learn the basics of nutrition, food as medicine and how to support whole body health utilizing nutritional theories and food.

Zura Health Digestive Health (6 credits)*

Duration: 8 weeks

This course introduces you to the vast world of digestion. You will learn how the digestive system works, why it is important in understanding full-body health and how to support optimal digestion. Healthy gut = Healthy you.


FALL, 2019

Mindset and Mental Health (6 credits)*

Duration: 8 weeks

In this course you will be introduced to the brain-mind connection. You will learn the basics of neuropsychology, neuroscience, and mindset. You will learn about the basics of perception, self-talk, and the expansion of your subconscious mind. You will also explore the tool kit you can use to support your mental wellbeing - mindfulness, meditation, visualization, sentence stems, and more!

Emotional Health (6 credits)*

Duration: 8 weeks

In this course you will be introduced to the key pillars of emotional intelligence. You will learn the basics of human emotion, common coping strategies and how to create intimacy + safety by modeling an open, compassionate and safe container. You will also learn tools to support embodiment, emotional intimacy, an awareness of emotional needs, and a broader emotional vocabulary to support connection, expression and vulnerability.

Relational Health (3 credits)*

Duration: 4 weeks

In this course you will be introduced to the key role relationships play in our overall health and wellbeing. You will learn the basic & advanced tools to support your clients in creating healthy boundaries, communication skills, and how to turn conflict into connection.

Winter, 2019 & Spring/fall 2020

announcing course schedule in Fall, 2019

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The Zura Health Coach Certification



ZHC certification is a twelve month coaching certification program that will equip you with all the knowledge, skills, support and confidence you need to become a successful kick-arse Health Coach and run a thriving business.


What Can I expect?

  • An interactive and hands on program that will make you leave you feeling supported, connected and capable of bringing your Health Coaching and entrepreneurial dreams to life.

  • Weekly lessons that provide an in-depth understanding in the course topic and supporting tools to ensure your understanding and integration.

  • Run by experienced and expert coaches who will teach, mentor and support you to bring your dreams to life.

  • A program that will connect you (for life!) with a community of like minded peers who will become your best friends, personal cheerleaders, and support you every step along the way.

  • Incredible value for money and a course that offers live weekly support and training, a bonus month of learning, supporting materials and real and expert trainers who will provide individualised advice and guidance.

  • To have fun and connect with other like minded wellness warriors so that help change the world together.

Curriculum Delivery

  • The core courses* will be offered twice a year (Spring and Fall) for enrollment into the ZHC program, and additional course offerings will be available for enrollment during Summer/Winter months.

  • Each course is assigned different credit amounts based on the length of the course and will determine your overall graduation status.

  • Depending on the course, there will be scheduled live Q&A sessions to explore the topics further and to address any questions you may have.

  • You will need to compete 63 credits prior to becoming a Certified Zura Health Coach.

  • The required 63 credits in order to graduate as a Certified Zura Health Coach will approximately take 12 months to complete. It may take longer depending on your course load and schedule.

  • You may decide to purchase the ZHC up front at a reduced rate or make monthly payments according to our payment schedule.


Meet Our Founders

Jessica McBeath is a self-confessed lover of all things nutrition and lifestyle. Having navigated her own digestive health issues, she now focuses on providing all zuralites with the tools, knowledge, and support in creating their own nourishment practices, both body and home. She is a Functional Nutrition Lifestyle Practitioner and Certified Holistic Health Coach.

When she’s not creating or coaching for Zura Health, you will find her perusing the local farmers market, taking her pup Marvel for a walk, cooking up a feast in the kitchen or enjoying the great outdoors with her friends and family.

Kylie McBeath is a Certified Health Coach, Emotional Expert, Co-Founder of Zura Health, Podcast Host, Speaker & Writer. I’m a multi-passionate, creative being and my life is guided by curiosity, openness and gratitude. Emotions are my jam and I love helping others step into their power, own their story and shine.

My mission is to empower women (and men) with the tools, support, wisdom, and resources they need to live happy, healthy and fulfilling lives.



You’ve Got Questions, and We’ve Got Answers:



Q: When is the Zura Health Coaching Certification Program Launching?

The Zura Health Coaching Certification program is being offered in April, 2019. Please sign up for our mailing list to ensure you are notified when released.

Q: How will the Certification Program be delivered?

The Certification Program will be delivered digitally on a education platform.

Q: How long will the Certification Program take to complete?

The Certification Program will be delivered in courses (university style) and the cumulative course load will take between 12-24 months depending on the course schedule.

Q: How much will the Certification Program Cost?

If purchased in its entirety up-front the Certification Program will be $4,997.00.

Q: Are there any prerequisites to taking this program? Do I need to have any prior knowledge?

Absolutely no prior knowledge is required or necessary for this program, but it's an added bonus if you have some prior knowledge/experience!

Q:Are there any additional materials required to take this training?

In order to take this program, you'll need access to the internet via computer, tablet, or mobile device. While any internet browser will work, we recommend using Chrome or Firefox, for the most efficient user experience.

Q: What can I call myself after I complete this program, e.g. health coach?

Upon completion of the program, you will be awarded a digital certificate of completion and the title of, Certified Zura Health Coach.

This exemplifies your dedication and in-depth understanding of integrative health and nutrition, and signifies to others that you have put in the effort and taken the time to dive deeper into this subject matter.

Q: Will I be able to speak to one of the instructors about health issues I'm experiencing?

Each instructor will be conducting live Q&A office hours, where they will answer questions regarding the course material. These live Q&A office hours should be used for questions pertaining to the program content only.

Q: Can I use this program towards continuing education credits to earn my bachelor's/master's degree in nutrition?

At the moment, there are no continuing education credits associated with the completion of this program.

Q: Is this program downloadable to listen to or watch offline?

Yes, you will be able to download a lot of the reading material during this program. However, you cannot listen, watch, or submit content without being connected to the Internet. You must be connected to the Internet in order to listen to or watch the content within the program, as well as to submit your reflections and quizzes.


Ready to take the first step?

We can’t wait to welcome you to our Family!

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