Ep.002 Dr. Alexandra Solomon on Loving Bravely & Cultivating More Intimacy In Our Relationships

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In her eye-opening and inspiring book, Loving Bravely, Dr. Alexandra Solomon gives us 20 lessons to deepen our relationships with ourselves and within our relationships. 

Love is a classroom, and in this episode we discuss the tools we need to become a wiser student in the classroom of relationships and build the foundation for a connective, and fulfilling relationships. 

Notes from Show:

Dr. Alexandra Solomon is one of our favorite woman (in general) and definitely TOP in the world of relationships. In this episode we discuss the basic premise of relational self-awareness. Relational self-awareness is the beginning point for cultivating a life that is rich in connective and fulfilling relationships. It is in this process of understanding our past, naming our experiences, feeling our feelings, and leaning into others through vulnerable, real & raw conversations that we deepen our own relational self-awareness. 

We live in a really exciting time where we have the tools, information, and space to reflect on how we show up in our relationships and change our patterns through conscious reflection and integration. By getting to know ourselves deeper, we begin to open the doors to more fulfillment in our relationships. 

We talk about…

  • What inspired her journey to become a Dr. 

  • What does it mean to Love Bravely? 

  • Shattering the Disney Fairytale Ideal n Relationship 

  • Understanding the Name-Connect-Choose process 

  • Becoming the Student in the Classroom of Love 

  • The intersection of Maslow's hierarchy of needs & relationships 

  • How the past comes up and gets in the way 

  • How to upgrade our reactivity & knee-jerk reactions into connectivity 

  • Online dating + honoring the mystery in chemistry 

  • Impact of patriarchy around gender roles & gender scripts 

  • How to thrive in the dating world 

  • Sexclusivity - having and owning our sexual boundaries 

  • A conversation about today's pornography & sexual landscape 


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