Ep.010 Upgrading Your Mindset & Finding Your Flow with Justin Faerman

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Our mind is always trying to help us survive and thrive—and the most magical shift can happen in our lives when we start actively working towards having our mind work for us. What we believe shapes how our mind functions, so by working to uplevel our belief systems, we can really tune into our intuition and start to get into that always-desired state of flow. In this episode, Justin shares how we can upgrade our belief systems to align with a more nourishing and fulfilling life—and the potential of the mind to help each of us step into our most abundant and successful lifestyle.

Notes from Show:

Our internal world, what we believe in our mind, is a co-creator of our external world. Upgrading your internal world will have a ripple effect on the rest of your life. Beliefs frame our perception of reality, which we pick up throughout our lives.

Our beliefs are linked to every other part of us, like our mind, body and soul, and they can even change our physiology over time. By shifting our belief system, we can enter a state of effortless action, better known as flow. By learning to have our mind work for us, and through both part-surrender and part-correct action, we can enter a true state of flow.

Justin is the co-founder of Flow Consciousness Institute and Conscious Lifestyle Magazine, where he shares his knowledge about consciousness, personal growth and spirituality. He’s also a consciousness researcher who is doing research actively to continue to understand how the mind and consciousness work.

After his work researching and in various projects, he is helping guide people to a higher consciousness way of living by shifting their belief systems and taking action that’s aligned with their intuition, putting them in a state of flow. We talk about…

  • What consciousness is and how it relates to the mind

  • Where our beliefs come from and why they’re so important

  • The step-by-step process for upgrading our beliefs

  • How to make the best decisions by tuning into our intuition

  • Using body work as a form of emotional release

  • Getting into a state of flow (effortless action)


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