Ep.019 How to Work Through Conflict and Lean into Vulnerability with Relationship Coach, Silvy Khoucasian

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Ever feel like you keep repeating the same pattern or having the same fight with your partner? Well, you're not alone. In this episode, Silvy - gives us the language + the tools to build bridges of connection during & after conflict.

Notes from Show:

Silvy has had a long-running love affair with helping struggling couples create real connection. Growing up in the USA as a young immigrant from the Middle East, Silvy has always been fascinated by the critical role family cultures play in intimate relationships. She also has a background in theatrical arts, which allows her to use art and drama therapy in helping clients reclaim lost or suppressed parts of themselves.

We talk about…

  • The reality of having & holding boundaries 

  • How to get to vulnerability in very distressed states.

  • What is a powerful way to express a boundary without pushing an intimate partner away?

  • How can someone in a relationship get vulnerable when they in a severely triggered state?

  • Can you talk a little bit about the importance of repair work after a conflict?

  • How does your work with drama therapy help you bridge connection for couples?

  • What do you find challenging from working with couples that come from very different cultural backgrounds and what do you think can help bridge the gap?


  • Silvy’s Boundaries + Communication Course, Boundaries

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