Ep.021 Opening Your Heart to Love with Psychologist & Love Alchemist, Dr. Rachel

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Do you have emotional armour around your heart that blocks you from intimacy & connection with yourself and others?

In this episode, Dr. Rachel, Licensed Psychologist unpacks the root of our emotional and intimacy blocks and the tools we need in order to heal, and cultivate more intimacy in our lives.

Notes from Show:

Dr. Rachel is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Love Alchemist, and Conscious Communication Expert.  She supports people to live aligned with the magic of love to heal and transform their hurts so they can live from their hearts.  She helps modern-day women with all aspects of emotional and spiritual health, everything from sex and relationships to meditation and mantras

We talk about…

  • Her personal journey into becoming a psychologist

  • How confusing intimacy problems can be

  • What is at the root of our intimacy challenges

  • Conscious communication & why it matters

kylie Mcbeath