Ep.004 Selina Gray on Standing In Your Worth and Becoming a Money Boss

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Your relationship to money is a door into a much deeper healing journey. Our ability to have a harmonious relationship with money isn't just about the dollar and cents in our bank accounts. Aka, it's rarely about money. It's about our beliefs, our money wounds, and the ways we avoid dealing with it all together.

In this episode, Selina Gray, guides us to take a deeper look at the components that create a fluid and resilient relationship with money.

Notes from Show:

Our relationship to money is more than just about dollar and cents. It's a layered and complex relationship. One that we all have to navigate day in and day out of our lives. Which is why we love Selina's holistic approach to navigating this relationship with money. Her approach includes taking a look at our money story, the beliefs we've absorbed from our family systems + societal conditioning, how your self-worth plays a role, and the emotions you hold around money and your capacity to create it. It's a deep dive, and you know how we feel about deep dives. :] 

Your relationship to money is a door into a much deeper healing journey. Selina has been one of our favorite guides on our own money journey's, and we look forward to the upgrades we know you will experience from having her in your corner. 

Selina Gray is a CPA, CA & a money relationship expert with over 15 years of experience reinventing finance for individuals & businesses. As an accomplished controller for two internationally publicly traded companies, she led an international team of over 30 finance ninjas. Selina believes that money is an inside job, it starts from within. She's helped thousands of people transform their relationship with money by focusing on emotions, money mindset & practical money skills.

We talk about…

  • How a breakdown in her health catalyzed her journey 

  • What gets in the way of a healthy relationship to money 

  • How our family system / conditioning shows up 

  • What does it mean to have a Money Mindset 

  • Money is a door into a deeper sense of healing 

  • How to upgrade your beliefs around money 

  • What to do with debt? 

  • How our unconscious blocks our abundance 

  • Unconscious spending 

  • Impact of patriarchal systems on women's financial stability 

  • Opening your money portal 

  • Stepping into your WORTH around money 


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