Ep.007 Coming Home to Your Worthiness & Setting Boundaries with Madison Hedlund

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If you’re feeling drained, burnt out, or frustrated it is time to take a deeper dive into your boundary systems.

In this episode, Madison Hedlund, unpacks the importance of having healthy boundaries and HOW to actually put them in place with actionable tools and wisdom.

Notes from Show:

We learned what boundaries were (or lack there of) from our primary caretakers. No matter what type of boundaries you have (porous, rigid, or healthy) — this episode will support you in understanding the basics of boundary setting. Plus, we dive into the tools we actually need in order to set healthy boundaries with yourself and with others. Getting clear on your core values is a key step in the boundary setting process. When you know what you stand for — you can stand up for it.

Not only do our boundaries protect our vital energy, they remind every part of us, that what we want, need, and desire matters. This is where self-worth comes into the conversation. When you set a boundary for yourself, you communicate to yourself and the world around you that you’re worthy. This is a brave step on the journey back home to your wholeness, and we acknowledge you for taking it! If you want to learn more about boundaries, join our next Zura Health Journey where we dive into this juicy good topic a lot more.

Madison is an international award winning life coach and speaker who helps women own their story, step out of fear and shame and come alive to their most vibrant, confident selves. Known for her soulful spirit both online and in person, she brings authenticity, power, and creativity into all she does. Whether she is working one on one with clients, facilitating a workshop, or speaking to a large group, it is Madison's deepest desire to see women step up to their very best and truly come alive.

We talk about…

  • What is a boundary?

  • Where we learn how to have / or not have boundaries

  • What is the difference between a wall and a boundary

  • The types of boundaries

  • How to tell if you need to put a boundary in place

  • Owning Your No

  • Getting Clear about your Core Values

  • Communicating your boundaries in a kind and clear way

  • Coming alive and saying a YES to your truth & desires


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