Ep.013 Unpacking and Upgrading Your Money Mindset w/ Dan Harrison

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Having a healthy relationship to money supports every other relationship in your life.

When we feel financially secure, and can re-define what “success” means to us — we release ourselves from the rat race and align with our truest & deepest desires. In this episode, Dan Harrison walks us through his steps to cultivating a positive money mindset.

Notes from Show:

Dan Harrison is the CEO & CFP of Harrison Financial Group, a money coach to millennials and business strategist to entrepreneurs with over 10 years of experience in the Canadian finance industry. He is inspired by the idea of a more generous world and a collective shift in hearts and minds from a “get” to a “give” mentality.  For this reason he has aligned his business and partnered with companies and organizations who have big hearts and are interested in making a big difference in the way business gets done.

We talk about…

  • What exactly is a positive money mindset? What does it look like? (comparatively speaking)  

  • Why is it so important for our overall well-being to create a healthy relationship to wealth & money? 

  • How can someone identity their money mindset?  

  • First step in cultivating a positive money mindset? 

  • Do you believe there is a correlation between self worth & wealth?

  • How does our self-worth influence our bank accounts? 

  • What are some of the tips, tools, apps you use to maintain financial accountability? 

  • Rule of thumb around budgeting / spending? (80/20)

  • What is one book you think everyone should read? 

  • If there was one thing you would contribute to your personal evolution, what would it be? 


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