Ep.006 Unpacking the Stages of Relationship + How to Create More Intimacy with Mark Groves

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Relationships are the biggest determinant of our long-term health and happiness. Aka, the quality of your life depends on the quality of your relationships.

This week, human connection specialist, Mark Groves invites us to soften, take responsibility, and CREATE the LOVE.

Notes from Show:

Relationships are why we are here. And the more fulfilling our relationships, the happier and healthier we all are. Taking responsibility for how we show up in relationship with others is step one in cultivating a deeper level of relational self-awareness. This week, Co-Founder of Zura Health Kylie McBeath, and her partner Mark Groves use the container of their relationship to explore the topics of marriage, boundaries, conflict, and building intimacy and connection.

We can learn how to upgrade our relationships by learning the tools we need to understand our emotional landscape as well as our triggers + patterns in relationship. We can’t change the past, but we can choose to learn from it & use it as a catalyst for a more aligned & connective future. We hope you’ll join the ride, and create the love in your own life.

Mark Groves has a specialized interest in the area of Human Connection. He’s an author, speaker and sales consultant. He’s in love with science, psychology, and uncovering the mysteries of what makes great relationships work. Speaking of that, he’s certain there are no “secrets” when it comes to great relationships. Rather, he believes that all relationships are by design and we are all the architects of what we want.

Mark has a Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology and has written for Plenty of Fish, Thought Catalog, Goodmen Project and is the Relationship Columnist for 24 Hours Newspaper. When he’s not working with clients you’ll find him traveling the globe, playing in the mountains and ocean, or pretty much anything that gets his heart beating in the paradise that is Vancouver, BC.

We talk about…

  • Mark’s story & what inspired him to step into the field of relationships

  • The basics about our relationship

  • How our previous relationships inspired our growth

  • What marriage means to us & what’s next for us

  • How to navigate challenges in a relationship and what some of our challenges are

  • How divorce & emotional black holes are invitations within

  • How to navigate jealousy in relationship & boundaries within relationship

  • How Mark began his entrepreneurial journey

  • Stepping onto your path and becoming the teacher you needed

  • Creating the LOVE  


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