Ep.001 MFT, Vienna Pharaon on Creating New Narratives That Serve You and Your Relationships

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Becoming aware of your patterns and how your family system has shaped your patterns of belief and behavior is a powerful step on your healing journey to wholeness, intimacy and a deeper connection to ourselves and others. 

The beautiful thing about this work is the fact that it's empowering & liberating. Just because it's always been one way, doesn't mean it always has to be that way. 

In this episode, Vienna shines a light on how to make this shift a reality.

Notes from Show:

How we show up in all areas of our lives and what we believe about ourselves - about what is possible for us - is determined by the family system in which we grew up in. We can't change the past or our family members (newsflash), but we can make the choice to heal, grow, and upgrade our patterns and narratives in order to create a fulfilling life and relationship. 

Vienna Pharaon is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and the founder of Mindful Marriage and Family Therapy in New York City. Vienna believes that we all have the capacity for beautiful change and fulfilling relationships, but that in order to come face to face with that change we need to take on vulnerability, explore our past, and find ways to express and expand ourselves and our needs in a healthy and connective way.

After being in the middle of her parents 11 year divorce, Vienna was determined to understand and unpack what it means to be in a healthy relationship (so that she didn't end up in her parents situation). Now she shares her wisdom with others, helping them understand how they got here and the tools they need to move forward on their journey, instead of repeating the past over and over again. We talk about…

  • What inspired her to become a MFT 

  • What's underneath a negative stigma around therapy 

  • Understanding how our families have shaped our perceptions 

  • Why unearthing your familial patterns helps to transform them 

  • Understanding the messages we were sent around conflict 

  • How to discover what affected you & get vulnerable with others 

  • Practicing acceptance + self-compassion 

  • Understanding the wall of "Miss Independent"


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