Ep.008 How to Fill Your Own Self-Love Cup with Kelsey Grant

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When we turn towards and give ourselves the love we’re so good at giving others we begin to fill our own self-love tanks — and in doing so we remove the responsibility off of others to do this for us.

In this episode, Kelsey Grant, teaches us how to love ourselves so that we can live emotionally healthy & balanced lives.

Notes from Show:

Self-love is the process of coming back home to your heart, your body, and your inner self. When we fill our own self-love tanks — we remind every part of our being that we are loved, and that we are worthy of this type of radical self-care. In the beginning of this self-love journey many of us experience a certain amount of guilt for flipping the narrative, “take care of others before yourself” on it’s head. Moving through this guilt is a part of this process.

Kelsey Grant has a BA in Sociology, Gender and Sexuality. I’ve rocked extensive personal development and coaching training through Landmark Education, I am a current student of A Course in Miracles, an intuitive healer, have trained and completed courses with leaders such as Bob Proctor, Mary Morrissey, Abraham-Hicks, Gabby Bernstein, Kyle Cease, Doreen Virtue, Brad Morris, Caroline Myss, Byron Katie, Wayne Dyer and countless others. For the past 6 years she has been writing, leading and facilitating women’s sacred circles, Goddess Workshops and Sacred Feminine Courses. She loves learning and sharing ancient wisdom with those who are open to the message.

We talk about…

  • What is self-love?

  • What does self-love even look like?

  • How to practice Self-Love

  • Tools to fill your own self-care tank


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